Tribe 2017 birthed the Curiouseteer

Something amazing happened when Rachel Bagby introduced her DEKAAZ at Tribe 2017. We all wrote our 10 syllable creations and had to say them out loud.

I wrote the 10 syllables.




she chose

to be THE


I said them out loud. and as soon as I said mine out loud, my mission was clear. It was like dotz of DEKAAZ destiny coming from above to tell me what I was to do next.

I called my business partner, kp, the technical one, and asked her to register my new domain, I even asked if she could make a static front page with my name and title, The Curiouseteer.  I didn’t know what was possible. I just knew it was time; the RIGHT time.

I have been asking questions my whole life, to know what the right next thing is to be. I have seen people move through life without asking whether or not it is the right thing to do.  As a society, we do the next thing because we

are supposed to

want to

think we need to

don’t think

But I’ve learned through years of practice, if we just stopped, and asked, “is this the right thing?” or “whats up with all the things I’m dropping today?” or “what should I be paying attention to instead of just doing?”, we can get so much more  JOY out of our lives.

By the end of the night, I had a website and new direction all because of Rachel Bagby, DEKAAZ and Tribe 2017! The Curiouseteer asks questions, and she can help you ask questions even when you don’t know you can.

Tribe 2017 gave me my next greatest adventure.  Keep a look out for how you can lead a more joyful life through asking questions.